Track Time

A complete journal of the Thursday Morning Speedwork Group, which meets at 6.00am at the Adelaide Harriers Track on South Terrace. All are welcome to join in, no matter what level you are.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Breakfast

Just letting you all know (if anyone is out there) that after sprints on Thursday 21st some of us are off to the Ritz for breakfast. We should be there about 7.10am. Perhaps this will entice some of the sleepier runners out of their beds. Hope to see you all at the track at 6.00am beforehand.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Good luck to Trailblazers

Well I won't be out there this year for the assault on the Trailblazer Challenge, so I wish you all the best in whichever events everyone is entered in. The weather is looking favourable for good times so make the most of it. I hope you all finish as complete teams. I won't be out tomorrow, so I'll see you in a few weeks.

PS. Anyone want to put down some goal times?

Edit: So where are the race reports guys?

Friday, September 15, 2006


City-Bay time again! Most of us have entered, what sort of times are we expecting. What are our goals? It would be interesting to see what we are all aiming for now and then see what happens in reality. I don't mind laying it on the line first.

I am aiming for 45:59 which is ambitious but I reckon goals should be ambitious.(This would be a PB by about 30 secs.) I'll start fairly hard and we'll see what happens. My B grade goal is sub 47 mins which should be achievable as long as we don't have head winds etc. Having said this perhaps the goal is really to get to the Jetty Hotel for a cold Coopers!

Seeya at the Pub! Robbo

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Better Late Than Never!

Hi All!

Just letting you know I will be back tomorrow and I'm bringing new blood! My flat mate - Richard - is on a health kick and has decided to quit smoking and start exercising. I took him for his first 30 minute slow jog yesterday morning and he pulled up quite sore but is still determined. We will have to go easy on him - maybe by taking the speed part out of speed work and just letting him do some less intense stuff which we all do from time to time when we can think of an excuse.

He also doesn't eat regularly enough so I thought breakfast post-run could be benificial :-) - Not that I need it - since falling sick after training with a cold and making 54 kg for the nationals I have bounced back to a whopping 60 kg! Bounce being a fitting description since I'm looking rather round at the moment :-) Although (coming to my second excuse) I have been doing more weight training in the mornings - which has made Thursday trainings difficult time wise - so I'm hoping part of my added weight is muscle (wishful thinking). However, I'm hoping I'll be back more often now since my boxing coach has switched my weight trainings around a bit and given me a bit more flexibility.

Anyway I'll seeya tomorrow :-)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

After the Marathon

A late return sorry! Rebecca and I were joined by Paul for the first 20kms but it took some time to get into the rate we wanted, however we made our 10k and 20k goal times almost to the second.
Paul went away from us after this and obviously ran well with a PB of 3.36 but Rebecca found it tough going on the return trip. We slowed a bit for the next ten, and worked back to the weir, before fatigue began to have a large say in the finish time.
Rebecca fought through the last 6 kms, but did not quite get last year's time, with 4.54, but for a person who one week out was still seriously considering not even starting, I thought it was a tremendously strong willed performance.
Congratulations to all, especially the PB folk, and thanks Robbo, for putting yourself on hold to Marshall the course half way through, AND THEN finish the race!
Thanks also to the familiar faces of Carol and Roundabout, who were fine deputy sheriffs (marshals).

A return to speed work at the track is on the cards, after last week's "cruise", so I look forward to seeing everyone out there (barring second cousin's christenings, anniversaries etc, of course)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I won't seeya Thurs.

Hey Gang, I will be a no show this Thursday! It's my 10th wedding anniversary so I will stay home to have breakfast with Tania. But I will definitly be out the following Thursday and looking for a good hard interval session. This week I am happy to take it a bit cruisy after the marathon but next week I want to start building up for City-Bay & then TrailBlazer!

Ooroo, Robbo.

PS Kempy, John still has your HRM thing? Give me a call if you want his work number. Also Kempy those shirts are in!

Marathon reports

Marathon reports must be due in by now. I've done one in my blog.

On another front, Klakrman has made this suggestion over on the CR forums. What do you guys think? Do you reckon a regular informal 5 or 10km race would be a good idea. Where would it run, how often, what day, who would organize/advertise it? As Klakrman said, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and even Canberra have these sorts of events.

Reports and feedback please fellow bloggers!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Way Cool Training Tool

I subscribe to the Gadgeteer website.
Check out this way cool gadget for running/walking/cycling etc.
I was very impressed, but at $US150, I'll be waiting a while.
Let me know your thoughts guys....